FM Silversmithing and Jewellery Studio
330 Main Street East, Merrickville, Ontario

All workshops are held at FM Silversmithing and Jewellery Studio in the historical village of Merrickville located on the Rideau Canal system, a UNESCO world heritage site.

All workshops are taught by Fiona Macintyre in small groups in a comfortable studio setting. Come for a half day of learning new skills, leaving with your own new silver jewellery and then spend the rest of the day exploring Merrickville’s quaint shops, restaurants and artists’ studios.

Metalsmithing Workshops have returned and follow COVID guidelines and enhanced safety / hygiene practices.

Stacking or Band Ring Making

In this three hour workshop you will learn the basics of jewellery fabrication including sawing, forming, soldering, filing, sanding and finishing to create either 2 stacking rings or 1 band ring in sterling silver. Rings may be stamped with letters or hammered for a textured finish. You will leave with a silver ring or two that you can wear proudly! No experience necessary, beginners welcome.

Saturdays: Sept 11 10am-1pm, Oct 9 10am-1pm, Nov 6 10am-1pm, Dec 4 10am-1pm


Pierce and Planish:

Make a personalized pendant and matching earrings in this 3 hour workshop. You will design your own shapes to cut out or "pierce" using a jeweller's saw, continuing with filing and sanding. Adding a texture using hammers (called "planishing") will create an eye-catching surface on your silver pieces. A final polish will make them sparkle!

Saturdays: Sept 25 10am-1pm, Nov 20 10am-1pm


Wax Carving to Metal Creation:

This is a two part workshop. Part One will be a three hour workshop to you will carve your own ring, pendant or earring design into wax using a variety of different tools. All materials will be provided. Bring an image along for reference if you like. The wax models you create will then be cast off-site in silver metal.  

Part two of this workshop will involve returning to the studio for two hours in November for ‘casting clean-up’. At this time you will learn proper filing, sanding and polishing techniques to finish your pieces. We will also learn how to attach them to chain, earring hooks …so you leave with a wearable piece of your own creation! Pricing is based on up to 10 grams of sterling silver.

Part One: Wednesday Oct 6 1pm-4pm, Part Two: Wed Oct 27 1pm-4pm


Bezel Setting Rings or Pendant:

Create a silver ring or pendant designed by you. The centerpiece will be a cabochon oval or round gemstone of your choice provided by a local lapidary expert. Bezel setting 'frames' the stone in your wearable jewellery piece. 

Saturday, Oct 23 10am-3pm,Thursday Nov 25th 10am-3pm

$150 + stone cost

Re-Fresh! Drop in D.I.Y.

Offering a Monthly Open studio for you to complete your own minor jewellery repairs. Refresh your pieces with a polish, re-size your own jewellery pieces or replace missing components. With supervision you will be able to use tools, equipment and materials available in FM Studio Workshop. Not sure if your project fits this? Just send a photo and description in the contact form.  No Torch work unless you have experience.

Minimum of 1 hour at $30.00 plus materials required for your re-fresh.

Thurs Sept 16 1pm-4pm, Thurs Oct 14 1pm-4pm, Thurs Nov 11 1pm-4pm, Thurs Dec 4th 1pm-4pm

Recycle & Re-Vive!

Out with the Old in with the New! Do you have old pieces of silver jewellery that you would like to give a new life to? Melt them down and repurpose them into simple shapes, using one off casting techniques.  Possibilities include but aren’t limited to: studs, organic shaped pendants / pin or chunky band ring depending on the amount of metal you have collected.  Reusing metal in upcycle projects with the aim of zero waste. Not sure if your pieces would work in a meltdown? Take a photo and send it to me in the contact form.

$85 plus extra materials if required

Thurs Sept 30 1pm-4pm, Thurs Oct 28 1pm-4pm

Celebrate & Connect

Gather a group of 4 of your favourite people create a custom design to mark an occasion or your connection to each other. A personalized charm bracelet or multi-component pendant that incorporates symbols of connection, initials, stamped words, birthstones or anything else you come up with. Consult on your design in advance with me to make sure all materials are available! Perfect for a girls weekend souvenir or bridesmaid activity or reunion. Pick your 2 hour time slot 10am-1pm,2-5pm or 6-9pm and contact me to arrange a date. Book one month in advance please!

$495 for group of 4 (includes materials)

DIY Wedding Bands

Carve your own wedding bands from wax to be cast in the metal of your choice through the lost wax casting process. Personalize your bands with textures, patterns or symbols. This workshop is two parts (see Wax Carving to Metal Creation Workshop) Contact to arrange dates.

$295 per couple plus materials